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Inspiring meeting spaces and convenient amenities, all designed to help your team escape the usual distractions.

Take your team off-site, gather teams from different locations, meet with clients, or use our space to run a seminar or workshop.

You'll love our vibrant, inspiring rooms, easy-to-use tech, helpful staff, and affordable rates. Find out why so many companies call us their second office!


All meeting space rentals include everything you need to conduct a successful meeting, including the following amenities:

  • Fast WiFi connection

  • Presentation screens (HDMI)

  • Select your own catering

  • Large whiteboard & markers

  • Use of common areas for informal breakout sessions


The following add-on options can streamline and customize your meeting:

Hot Beverage Service
A gourmet selection of coffee & tea to please your people. 50 assorted kcups + tea. $50

Cold Beverage Service
A selection of soda & water to please your people. 50 assorted cans/bottles. $50

Facilitator Kit
Poster pads, easels, post-it notes, markers - all the tools you need for innovation. $50


Want to create an off-site meeting or office space for your company within our coworking facility?

We can help you have a vibrant space that builds brand awareness, inspires innovation among your employees, and result in significant cost-savings. 

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